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Getting fit in front of your TV

I must admit, it’s often hard to get out of the coach and go training. So I bought a playstation 2 with the dance dance revolution game. I bought two dancingmats from the beginning, so my girlfriend and I could compete! This really does it! Competition!

Now if it’s raining outside or it’s too late to go training, it’s just to take out the dancing mats. I bet the neighbour is glad that the floor is made of solid concrete…

Nintendo Wii is also starting to target this market. They have their type that you stand on and can go on and off. It¨s definely not a calorie burner, but improves your balance. Maybe an idea would be to have a small stool to put it on. Then it would be similar to stepping, only slower. Anyway, I won’t be buying that with the first.

As Nike has put sensors into their shoes, fitness gear makers should make open interfaces to their machines so you could connect your stepping machine to you Playstation or Xbox. That would be great! There is a great potenial
in this market, both entertainment and get fit in one package!

And did I mention team training? In xbox 360 you have voice communication with your team mates while taking down that tanks in “Fuel of War” or BattelField. Why not add this to the training, able to talk to your friends while training the same program?

The possibilites are endless, and the market is growing…..

What are you waiting for? Start training or start making the great exercise game!