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The MeshPotato, the future of the Internet?

Imagine you had this technology which you only needed two devices to call to each other and get IP connection. If you got more members, only thing they needed was this device and the network would grow stronger and stronger, each member helping the network to grow in distance and robustness. Communication would be free, each member pays for their own device and this device would be a part of the network.

When the network has grown very large, there would be free management tools to map all devices to the map, giving a very good overview of the whole network and easy the further expanding.

And this is reality! The Village Telco project has spent three years making it real, creating the MeshPotato. The MeshPotato is a very low power WLAN mesh and VoIP device, creating its network while being rolled out. It uses 2,4GHz WLAN to create a mesh network and running IP and VoIP traffic over this network.
The Village Telco project uses open source tools like Afrimesh and A2Billing to create a full management and billing system, all free to download and deploy.
And all you needed to start is two MeshPotatoes. What is stopping you?
The future is bright!