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Monthly Archives: October 2011

VoIP and other presentations from the Honeynet Project

The yearly Honeynet Workshop has been great every time!

This year we also had a public day for those not a member. The presentations are publicaly available here.


My Internet enabled coffe machine

OK, I was tired of the coffee machine at work. The coffee was no good.
And we were not allowed to buy another machine, since we already had two (of same kind, same terribly coffee)

What do you do?

You make the coffee machine as part of one of your projects. I’m working on smart houses, so that part was easy. The harder part was to find a cheap coffee machine with an Ethernet plug. I dismissed that quite fast and did it the hard (wired) way.

Part 1.

Get an automatic machine that does the most things (I did not find one with automatic cup dispenser)
I found a quite cheap one, approx 500 USD (3000 NOK). It had electronic buttons in the front which I presumed I could modify.

Part 2.

The harder part. Get to the circuit board to the buttons. Of course, these are compact machines and the circuit board are not made for being “serviced” easily. I had to unscrew approx 30 screws and dismantle most of it to get the right part out of it.

I soldered 4 wires, two for the button for single coffe and two for the double strength. The switch just needed a short-circuit to activate.

Then I connected the wires to a relay (capable of 230V, but I just use it as a switch). This was again connected to a smart controller from Sensio.

Now I order coffee through my iPad. Great!