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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Using social media to organize Telephone Denial of Service (TDoS) attacks

Mark Collier has been blogging a long time and put up this about using social media to coordinate TDoS attacks. It remined me about another “joke” that ended up in a lawsuit

The rapper, whose real name is Jayceon Taylor, tweeted on his account that fans could call a given number and apply for an internship working for him, but the number given was the Compton area of Los Angeles‘ equivalent of the ‘999’ number and took callers straight through to the Sheriff’s department.

Also recalls an SMS that went around last time in 2007 in Norway, but also happened around year 2000.

Please call 22xxxxxx and ask for Harald, he needs technical assistance

Where this number was to the King of Norway, so they ended up with a lots of calls. (article in Norwegian)