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The femtocell, prime time or bad time?

I fancy the idea of femtocells, to take the wirless traffic down into “earth” as fast as possible, but is this femtocell effoert just too late?

I have a NEC G3 femtocell to test out. It can do 3G with speeds up to 14Mbit, and have 4 or 8 (license issue…) concurrent calls. The range is approx 25 metres indoor, 150+ metres outdoor it states in the manual.
The price is estimated to approx 200 USD for the devices at the moment.

But how can this match a WiFi access point capable of 300Mbit already and costing a fifth of it.

It is still sensible since these address to different service markets at the moment, but this services will be Internet based and then who cares if you use 3G/4G/5G or your WiFi. It should only give you Internet access to all your over the top services. And the mobile operator will be just another access provider….

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