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We demand the authority to free the free sprectrum!!

Inspired by this talk at Ecomm 2009 by Michael Calabrese. It’s time to let the intelligent wireless units utilize the available spectrum! Why allocate all the frequencies static, when you can divide them both in time, location, height (on ground, in planes..) and dynamically back-off channles in use.

If I had done the same spectrum scan in down-town Oslo, I would have found that the 900 and 1800 MHz channels for GSM and UMTS is utilized, while 2.4GHz is pretty crowded. There would also be some TV channels. But what about the rest??? Why not use it?

Demand a GPS in the senders, where they every 24 hours download what they are allowed to transmit and which frequencies. Just do something…. because the static allocation of frequencies are out of date and we need more (unlicensed) mobile bandwidth!

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