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Patch Tuesday will take down your phonesystem…

Its a while since patch Tuesday has taken down any communication system. For those who can’t remember, Skype went down because of this. Now it is Microsoft to learn a lesson. The patch KB974571 “Vulnerabilities in CryptoAPI could allow spoofing” will actually render your Microsoft Office Communications Server useless. It will think that you will just have a demo license and then stop. Luckily it should only be to uninstall the patch and you are up and running again. Tom Keating has more on the topic.

One response to “Patch Tuesday will take down your phonesystem…

  1. Alexander October 19, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    Hi Sjur!

    Do you remember me? 🙂
    Unfortunately, I have no chance to say good bye
    during your last visit to Ukraine… 😉
    But, I’ve noticed today, that it is your blog and
    I’ve been subscribed to it since 17.02.2009 🙂
    since this post:
    I’ve found it very interesting and useful.

    So, the world is so small!!!

    As I have a lot of subscriptions to be on top of IT
    news I didn’t notice that it is your blogg from the beginning 🙂

    Anyway thanks for good posting, I’ve found very useful
    the following posts:
    Will wait for new topics! And make our products better!

    P.S. My greetings to Ervin!

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