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Stupid Chinese fraud guy trying to sell a "Vedio phone"!

There is a lot of people trying to make money illegal. Some are good at it, some are not that good. Like this guy “Tony” trying to sell “Vedio Phone”. He sent a word document with cut’n’paste pictures and spec’s from several very different SIP Video phones as a reply to my account at There were several strange issues. The high-end phones were 1/20 of the normal price and mostly the same price.

The e-mail was first sent to Julan Wang, e-mail, then forwarded to another e- mail and then to where “Tony” answered.

He used a company which I found out was in the textile industry, definley not in the VoIP business.

I asked for a quote to check out what this really was, and got another word document with nice “stamp” on and I was promised free shipping (great for a fraud…!). I got tired of playing around and told him I needed more information about his business for suspicion of fraud. I never heard any more…

If you want to check up who this actually is, here is where the “performa” invoice (another great spelling!) was supposed to be paid to:

Payee : Zhihao Wang
Account NO : 495282020014901
Beneficiary Institution : BANK OF CHINA  ANHUI BRANCH
Beneficiary’s Address: NO.313 CHANGJIANG MIDDLE ROAD, HEFEI, CHINA .

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