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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Another day, another (VoIP) fraud…

What the heck is the customers Asterisk calling Guatemala about quarter to five in the morning? 1000 calls to Guatemala, but very few actually went through or had any long duration. This was around 11 o’clock in the evening for Guatemala. What was the purpose of this abuse?

It would have been nice to have a tap into this unsecure Asterisk and listen in on the abuse calls. Was this open PBX sold as a gateway to a cash calling card company, or was it used to just free calling for the hacker itself? Ideas and comments are appreciated!


Patch Tuesday will take down your phonesystem…

Its a while since patch Tuesday has taken down any communication system. For those who can’t remember, Skype went down because of this. Now it is Microsoft to learn a lesson. The patch KB974571 “Vulnerabilities in CryptoAPI could allow spoofing” will actually render your Microsoft Office Communications Server useless. It will think that you will just have a demo license and then stop. Luckily it should only be to uninstall the patch and you are up and running again. Tom Keating has more on the topic.

Stupid Chinese fraud guy trying to sell a "Vedio phone"!

There is a lot of people trying to make money illegal. Some are good at it, some are not that good. Like this guy “Tony” trying to sell “Vedio Phone”. He sent a word document with cut’n’paste pictures and spec’s from several very different SIP Video phones as a reply to my account at There were several strange issues. The high-end phones were 1/20 of the normal price and mostly the same price.

The e-mail was first sent to Julan Wang, e-mail, then forwarded to another e- mail and then to where “Tony” answered.

He used a company which I found out was in the textile industry, definley not in the VoIP business.

I asked for a quote to check out what this really was, and got another word document with nice “stamp” on and I was promised free shipping (great for a fraud…!). I got tired of playing around and told him I needed more information about his business for suspicion of fraud. I never heard any more…

If you want to check up who this actually is, here is where the “performa” invoice (another great spelling!) was supposed to be paid to:

Payee : Zhihao Wang
Account NO : 495282020014901
Beneficiary Institution : BANK OF CHINA  ANHUI BRANCH
Beneficiary’s Address: NO.313 CHANGJIANG MIDDLE ROAD, HEFEI, CHINA .