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The Linux Media Center Solution! Awesome!

Browsed through the Internet for the Freedom Fone Project and came over the LinuxMCE. I have been dreaming about a project like this, and was really amazed about the possibilities included already.
They have done a smart thing dividing it up in two parts;

  • one powerful core server for doing encoding of incoming media
  • one or more clients connected to each screen around in the house.

Some of the features:

  • Surveillance camera
  • Intrusion alarm
  • Heat/Cooling control
  • Lightning control
  • Full media center functionality
  • Telephone central

All these features are knit together into a nice user interface where you only need a remote with three (3) buttons  (+ OK and cancel) to operate. And it’s even cooler with a gyro remote control (anyone played with the Nintendo wii??)

What I’m missing for my immediate use:

  • heat control for radiators (a small motor to turn the knob..)
  • interface to my proprietary doorphone. (can probably be done with a Cisco/Linksys SPA3100 ATA)

I have already e-mailed several of my friends who are looking for this and will definely spread the word!

When it is also running on the Asus EEE Top (15,6″ touch screen and can do full HD video) it will be great! Or the even better MSI Wind Top EA 1900 (who makes these names by the way…)

Keep up the good work! The future will be fantastic!

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