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The Freedom Fone Project for Africa!

There are not much publicity about this project, so I wanted to explain what it’s all about.The ultimate goal is to make it easy to spread information e.g. people send a SMS and get a call informing them about HIV/AIDS or the weather.

The Freedom Fone is a universal media conveyor, it should take most media input from people (mobile, skype, web, e-mail) and generate output (sms, call, radio, web) in the best possible way.

The limitations are the usual one in Africa. No power, little or no Internet connection, few people to run it, harsh environmental conditions, etc…

Our solution seems easy, but there is some work behind it. Take a standard netbook (asus preferred) and plug in a USB to cellphone (mobigater). Install Ubuntu with Freeswitch and several other tools. Glue it all together with a lot of customization, and BINGO! We have a Freedom Fone Server!

Usage scenarios

An organization wants to spread information about specific topics. We create a SMS word people can send to be called back and informed.

Farmers want to know about the weather and subscribes on a daily or weekly weather forecast.

Ex.pats living abroad wants to help out and makes an informative radio program. This is aired on the local radio station

Others? Please comment!

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