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Are there any Asterisk and SRTP implentations at all?

I started digging into SRTP and Asterisk sphere. There does not seems to be any functional deployments. I’ve just found old stuff from 2006 where it was supposed to work, but I’ve not been able to re-do it. I thought it would be standard in Trixbox or other Asterisk distributions by this time!

Quote from “As of now (Jul 2008) Asterisk does not come with released support for voice encryption!”

The links I’ve found:

There is a stand-alone VoIP software named Zfone you can use for encrypting your RTP stream, made by Phil Zimmermann (also created PGP).It is a plug-in to tunnel your existing RTP stream through its encrypted ZRTP protocol. To use ZRTP with Asterisk you need to get a special patch, for this you need to e-mail the Zfone Project for a copy…. here is a short study of Zfone by Samuel Sotillo.

So were does it leave us? Skype has 256bit AES encoding, good for the most of us. Link it up with a Skype channel for Asterisk and you can at least access Asterisk encrypted, but not from a SIP phone.

Do you have any working installations you would like to share? Please e-mail me!

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