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Make Norway a developing country!

Just got a tip from my friends to watch Fredrik Härén presentation on the “Day of Knowledge” in Sweden. It is on youtube free to watch for anyone understanding Swedish. It is totally about 47 minutes in five parts. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5)


He has a formula for ideas which goes like this: idea(s) = People ( Knowledge + Information )

Get knowledge, get information about the situation and then come togheter for the great ideas! Fantastic!

He also mentioning the divide about developing and developed countries. When developing countries are more technology advanced than the developed world, why use these terms? It is just stupid. He argues that the developed countries must stop sitting on their “high chairs” and get down to business. The developed world has been lazy the last decades and is falling behind on creating the future! I only wish the Norwegian politicians could see and understand this….

Fredrik is also in charge of Convenient Info which is a company to create information from all the data available on the Internet.

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