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My company just aquired a company with a Linksys ONE platform. I have gotten the pleasure to learn the whole platform in just a few days, and it is very elegant.

It is more of a provisioning platform than switching, but interesting! It also embraces Cisco‘s Unified Communiction 500 products with very easy setup.

It saves money for companies having a solution that is fully remote configured. It was about 20 000 lightning yesterday in Oslo and one of the customers on this platform got their LinksysONE router broken. It was a call-centre, so quite urgent to get it running again. We sent a new unit with a courier and they installed it themselves. We had several backups from the last week and one of those was loaded on to it.

The clue is to make “one-stop-shop” for your telephony needs, and make it EASY! My assumption was that the old PBX vendors kept the interface as cryptic as possible, so their agents could make money configure these proprietary units. Even just to move a phone would result at least in an hour or two of work.

VoIP companies will not win on the call cost, but on the total cost of ownership (TCO) and features! When companies realizes this, they will demand VoIP systems!



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