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Review of Polycom 6000 and 7000 conference phones

Just had two phones landing on my desk, the new conference phones from Polycom. The Polycom 7000 looks great and stylish, but the 6000 is rather dull. Both have the same great codecs, so there should not be a big difference on the sound quality.


The 7000 does have extra input like USB and micro-jack (2,5mm) for mobile phones.
It also seems the 7000 is the only one supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE). There were no power to it at all in the box, only a network cable. Luckily I had lots of single PoEs laying around…

There gotta be a bug in the setup through the web interface. I could not make it set a authorization name/number. I also saw it in the SIP code that it did not send any authorization user in the digest authentication. I tried several times through the web interface, but ended up a day later putting it directly into the phone through the built in screen. Then it worked…. I did read the manual, but this is missing the middle part. It is good on user behavior (volume up and down) and good on setting up an automatic provisioning system (APS). But I was just going to put in one single account.

Finally, the usage

Great microphones! It picked up sound from all over the room. We had music playing, others discussing nearby but could still carry out the conversation! Say goodbye to lousy ISDN quality!! I really wonder how they actually make it work in full duplex, we were chatting in both directions with no problems. I have now wrapped up the 6000 (the ugly one..) and shipping it 2000 kilometers north to our support center. We have regular meetings, so that will be a good test. We used a Linksys 942 with loud speaker last time, and it was dreadful sound. The one we normally use is the Grandstream GXV-3000 with video, this works excellent as long as you have an extra conference “head-set”.

I would absolutely go for the Polycom 7000, but then I haven’t heard the price yet….


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