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OpenSBC and other nice projects

The Session BorderController is a VoIP specific transformer. It is really a mock up to handle the differences between vendors and bad implementations of VoIP protocols. Some SBCs also do transcoding and SIP to H323 conversion, which is functional. But in my opinion a SBC is unnecessary in a perfect world.

You can argue that a firewall has a SBC built in, which is correct. SBC can be called a protocol specific firewall. And that costs money! I have checked prices on Covergence, Juniper, InGate and lots of others. One thing in common, it costs! It costs to be an early VoIP adopter, paying extra to get everything to work together! So actually paying for lousy work done by others implementing the SIP stack….

Then it is nice with OpenSBC, FreeSwitch and similar projects. They provide means to get the different vendors to work together, making you able to choose between different vendors. I wish the open source community all the best! Let’s make this great togehter!

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