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Keeping standards… whose faults?

My daily work is to make VoIP stuff work, together…! As someboyd said “The nice thing about standards, is that there are so many to choose from!” I certainly agree.

But whose fault is it when, an example from my life, a Tatung TV and a Xbox360 did not work together. The end-customer (me) had bought both devices, presuming it should work together. But no, the HDMI connection did not give Full-HD on the TV, nor sound.

The vendors both claimed they were following the standards, and they both had gotten their money. The TV vendor was the one that said they could upgrade the firmware on the TV. After two firmware upgrades and a new TV it is no better. Should I just wait for the next service upgrade for the Xbox360, hoping this will fix the issues?

I see this dilemma daily at work as well. Small VoIP vendors need to adjust their products to work with the larger players in the market. It’s not about IETF standards, it is how the big players has interpret the standards. Who will loose on this battle?

The end-customer, getting locked into products from one vendor.

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