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VON bankrupt?

Rumors are that VON has no more money left after the VC backed out of them. This means VON Europe, the 10th year will be canceled. One vendor I spoke with had just gotten a single call saying “the show is off” and others are just hearing rumors. VON is a great meeting place for the VoIP business and I was planning going there myself. Om Malik has more details about the rumour.

VON has changed. In the beginning it was a meeting places for the pioneers of VoIP. People came together and shared their experience and knowledge. The recent years has changed that to more business oriented. In the beginning it was start-ups competing head-on with the incumbents. In the recent years even the incumbents (Bt and others) has been exhibiting. Strange Jeff hasn’t said anything about this in his blog. He could at least deny the rumors.

Maybe we should just gather all the VoIP people and arrange it ourselves….!

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