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Don't steal a laptop with a built-in webcam…

OK folks, I’m saying, as deserved! Use the technology against the folks stealing your computer. Like this guy that used a Mac that automatic uploaded pictures taken to a web-site. Suddenly the thief is captured with his “pants down”.

Another story, a Norwegian guy used (Article in Norwegian) Skype to lure the thief onto some websites where he had put some traps that started the built in webcam and also gave away the IP address. The picture was sent the police which acted quickly since he was “a known” fellow as well.

Another incident was a firm I know that was broken into. The took the router, but it had some similar to Dynamic DNS, which gave away it’s IP. The address of the IP was given to the police in Drammen (Norway), but the could not do anything about it. The closed the case because it was not enough evidence. How stupid can the system be?? Makes me angry…


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