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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Getting fit in front of your TV

I must admit, it’s often hard to get out of the coach and go training. So I bought a playstation 2 with the dance dance revolution game. I bought two dancingmats from the beginning, so my girlfriend and I could compete! This really does it! Competition!

Now if it’s raining outside or it’s too late to go training, it’s just to take out the dancing mats. I bet the neighbour is glad that the floor is made of solid concrete…

Nintendo Wii is also starting to target this market. They have their type that you stand on and can go on and off. It¨s definely not a calorie burner, but improves your balance. Maybe an idea would be to have a small stool to put it on. Then it would be similar to stepping, only slower. Anyway, I won’t be buying that with the first.

As Nike has put sensors into their shoes, fitness gear makers should make open interfaces to their machines so you could connect your stepping machine to you Playstation or Xbox. That would be great! There is a great potenial
in this market, both entertainment and get fit in one package!

And did I mention team training? In xbox 360 you have voice communication with your team mates while taking down that tanks in “Fuel of War” or BattelField. Why not add this to the training, able to talk to your friends while training the same program?

The possibilites are endless, and the market is growing…..

What are you waiting for? Start training or start making the great exercise game!


Which communication system is best for the future?

What is happening to the old PBX’es and how will you call your friends in the future?

One mobile company is pressing on that everything will be wireless. I doubt it. Yes, several of your terminals will interconnect through some wireless networks, but that is not the most important thing. It has been important with mobility latest 15 years, but now consumers demands more.

Communication has finally taken the steps from individual silos (a PBX system that does not talk to anything else) to deeply integrated in all your programs, from e-mail, IM, CRM to even your Word program. What happens is that you develop a different way of communicating.

You can first check who is available, then a short IM and then have a phone conversation, then go back to IM for a few wrap-up questions. This will boost productivity as long as you choose the correct ways. I hate long IM conversation when trying to explain things, then walk over to the co-worker or pick up the phone! I notice that e-mail has been abused in that way as well. Why do we sit down and write down everything, then pass it over to our co-worker when we easier could just walked over. Typing it all down takes time, and then the other has to read it as well.

Anyway, the generations coming into work life now demands IM. One friend of mine was denied IM access in a bank and she felt almost isolated from her friends.

Work hours will be expanded.
It will be easier to call a co-worker when you see him or her online in the evening with status “working” or similar. The communication channel has just been expanded to 24/7….

Most important is to take control of new technology and analyze the best ways of using these communication channels. Some can be very productive, others not.


VoIP Google hacks…

Ever thought that some people has not done their homework and maybe put a misconfigured PBX straight onto the Internet? Or maybe you need to practice configuring a certain PBX? So how to find it? Google makes it easy.


Don't steal a laptop with a built-in webcam…

OK folks, I’m saying, as deserved! Use the technology against the folks stealing your computer. Like this guy that used a Mac that automatic uploaded pictures taken to a web-site. Suddenly the thief is captured with his “pants down”.

Another story, a Norwegian guy used (Article in Norwegian) Skype to lure the thief onto some websites where he had put some traps that started the built in webcam and also gave away the IP address. The picture was sent the police which acted quickly since he was “a known” fellow as well.

Another incident was a firm I know that was broken into. The took the router, but it had some similar to Dynamic DNS, which gave away it’s IP. The address of the IP was given to the police in Drammen (Norway), but the could not do anything about it. The closed the case because it was not enough evidence. How stupid can the system be?? Makes me angry…


Tools to test your SIP systems

My favorite place to have a look at now and then to check for new tools.

Personally I’ve used Cain&Abel a lot, it is easy for demonstration, both when doing password hacking (MD5 digest brute force attack) or listening in on voice calls. It’s easy way of doing it, combined with the possibility of doing Man in the Middle attack with ARP poisoning.

SIPvicious is more cumbersome to use, but fun against bad configured Asterisk servers. You list all the phone lines and which has no passwords.. (ooh.. did you forget to add a password on that test line… )

And now to the commercials….